American 50s diner

What’s more LA and Hollywood than an old school 50s diner? I discovered this amazing diner through Instagram, and although I’m not a huge fan of diner food I decided it was worth going just for the experience. Milkshakes, burgers and jukebox machines playing 50s music, this place had it all!


I probably hadn't had a milkshake in at least 10 years, but when you're in a place like this (that has over 40 different milkshakes on their menu) you just have to try one! Did I manage to finish the whole thing? Absolutely not, haha. Those things are filling!! Super yummy though. 

The milkshake menu.  I had one of the chocolate ones.

The milkshake menu.  I had one of the chocolate ones.

The place is called Cafe 50s and the food is typical diner food, so don't go if you expect a culinary experience. This is definitely (in my opinion) a place you visit for the atmosphere and interior, not the food.


We also wanted to play around with our newly purchased Osmo stabilizer. This is the first video my boyfriend has ever made, I think it's pretty amazing for a first try. Proud girlfriend? Thats a yes from me! :)