In-flight Beauty Essentials & Tips

Whether I'm on a short flight to San Fransisco or a long haul flight to Europe I always try to pack a good carry-on, especially when it comes to my beauty and skincare products. Long haul flights doesn't have many perks beside the destination, and the fact that you get to unplug from all electronic devices and the rest of the world. But besides that, cabin pressure and the massive reduction in humidity levels are not kind to my body or skin, causing dehydration, dullness and bloating, ugh! Long flights makes my skin feel incredibly dry and tight, and on top of that my hair gets static. 

As I'm flying to Nashville, TN tomorrow (4 hour flight, so not too bad) for work, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to share some of my in flight beauty essentials, as well best beauty tips.

in-flight beauty essentials

So we all know we have to downsize our beauty essentials as they all have to be maximum 100ml and fit in a small plastic bag. Samples and travel sizes will make you able to bring more products. I love samples and travel sizes and always ask for them when I go to shopping, shops usually have them and you never know what fantastic product you might discover! Samples are the best way to experience and test out new products before committing to full sized ones, but they are also great when you travel. 

Start hydrating and prepping from the inside out the day before travel. Sip on super hydrating drinks like high mineral spring water, aloe, cucumber and coconut water.  On the day of I try to drink lemon juice mixed with warm water and a tablespoon of raw honey, this keeps bloating down and immunity up. 
I also start with good cleanse before applying a super hydrating moisturizer. I try to keep my makeup simple and would just apply a tinted moisturizer, eyebrow serum, lip balm and a light cream blush. Apply a deep-conditioning hair treatment before you leave — it will give your hair fantastic shine. 

It might be boring, but it’s pretty basic: avoid alcohol, try to stay away from coffee and soft drinks and eat as little as possible because the altitude and pressurization of the environment puts undue strain on the digestive system. Hydrate your body inside and out. Try herbal tea if you get tired of drinking water. When you're flying one of the most important things for your skin is to defend against dehydration. “Spritzing” the skin with a facial mist is a great way to keep skin hydrated without having to touch it. Always have a salve with you for lips and hands. I usually bring a moisturizer or a moisturizing mask as well, but only on long haul flights. A facial spritzer is enough for shorter flights.

In flight beauty essentials 2


- Right before the flight, I massage my face deeply with my multivitamin serum, which keeps me super hydrated. I love my Cuvget Vitamin Ampoule, it's small and easy to bring with me everywhere I go, and counterbalance the oxidative stress of flying. 

- Another must have is is the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I discovered this product a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. This spray-on moisturizer is made up of squalane (a super hydrating ingredient), algae, and Tatcha’s anti-aging complex that can be used a thousand different ways. This product is such an amazing, feel-good, pampering product. If it weren't for the pricetag, I would be slathering my face several times a day.

- A moisturizing mask while flying is another must have, especially on those long haul flights. I love all the masks from Peter Thomas Roth and the one I usually bring with me when traveling is the Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask. It's a very moisturizing mask that does what it says- moisturizes the skin, which is exactly what I need when flying. It says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes but I usually leave it for 45 min on flights. (I got this travel friendly version in a value pack at Sephora).

- The Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream is one of my all time favorite eye creams. This super moisturizing product is very emolient which is great for dry skin. It usually keeps my under eye area moisturized all day, and on long haul flight applying this once or twice is more than enough.  

- Another product I love and not only bring with me on the plane - but everywhere I go, is the Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment. It's witchcraft in a tube and I will be repurchasing for the rest of my life. This all-purpose ointment works for chapped or dry lips, rashes, insect bites, allergy, dry skin, healing scars etc. 

- My Verb Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner travel sizes are not in flight products but they are great for that first wash after the flight and also when I to short trips like this 24h trip to Nashville. My hair always gets static on flights and Verb is fantastic and really hydrates. It lathers well despite being free of SLS, cleanses without stripping, and also has a neutral, clean, pleasant scent.

- Another product I love is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I've run out of this right now but I always try to bring this in my in-flight kit. I usually pat on a few drops all around my face which gives my skin the perfect layer of moisture to combat the super-dry plane. 

- My last product is not a in flight essential, but I like to smell good after a long flight. So I always bring a little travel size perfume bottle with me on flights. Instead of bothering my in flight neighbors with too much perfume I wait until we land before I spray on a litte goodness. One of my recent obsessions is the Tom Ford Vanille Fatale. I got this little travel friendly bottle from a super friendly sales person at Nordstrom. 


Last but not least remember to move around as it's important to “exercise” on board, especially on long-haul flights.  You need to keep the blood flowing in order to prevent blood clots. Every couple of hours or so, stretch your legs by strolling the isles, or at least do leg lifts in your seat.