10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Christmas is just around the corner and most of us have a bunch of presents to buy. Getting the right present for that one friend or family member who's constantly traveling around the world is easier said than done.


I know my family and friends always find it extremely difficult to find something for me. I totally understand, buying a present for someone who lives in a suitcase can be difficult.

As I know the struggle I decided to make a Christmas gifts guide for your traveling friends or family.

Kinde Paperwhite

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I got a kindle two years ago and I LOVE it. Carrying books while traveling is not the best idea, they are heavy and take up a lot of space. The answer to that is getting a Kindle! The battery life is amazing and the paperwhite screen lets you read in bright sunlight hassle free.

2. Cristina Ramella World Traveling Hands Jewelry

This is one for the ladies. If you've followed my blog/instagram you know I'm a fan of Cristina Ramella's beautiful world inspired jewelry.

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3. Travel Accessory Kit

This 6 in 1 travel accessory kit consist of 6 must have items for any traveler. It has pretty much everything you need to travel like a pro.

Jim Rickey

4. Jim Rickey Sneakers

I'm a huge fan of being comfortable while traveling, there's no other way. These Jim Rickey sneakers are one of my favorite discoveries this year, they are so comfortable and super stylish.

5. Scratch The World Travel Map

I have one of these and I love it. Let's face it, every traveler wants to keep track of the countries they've visited. This is why the Scratch the world map is the perfect gift for your traveling friend.

6. Go Pro HERO 7

On the pricier side, the Go Pro HERO is any travelers dream. A compact, professional camera great for both video and photos. The Go Pro Hero 7 is the latest Go Pro camera and it has some awesome features

7. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Yeti

Another must have for me when I travel. I love music, it makes me happy and I love to bring this speaker with me wether I'm on some beach in Hawaii or in my hotel room in Germany. The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 has Insanely good, loud 360 degree sound with deep bass and it's waterproof.

8. ZBRO Waterproof bag

You might not be a trendsetter with the ZBRO Waterproof bag but it's extremely useful for the adventurous traveler who needs to keep their electronics and other valuables dry. Another plus, it has a lifetime warranty.

9. COS Cashmere Scarf

I always bring an oversized scarf with me when I travel and I love this cashmere scarf from COS. The airplane cabins are always freezing so a warm large scarf has saved me many times.

10. Luggage Packing Organizers 

These luggage packing organizers are something every traveler would appreciate. This set comes with different sized bags for your clothes as well as bags for your shoes, underwear and toiletries.

I hope that these 10 Christmas gift ideas for travelers were helpful and have inspired you to buy some amazing gifts for your traveling friends or family.

May the travel bug bite you!