Pelion - A Greek Paradise

A few years ago I went to Athens to work there over the summer. Towards the end of my stay some of my Greek friends invited me and some friends to their holiday house in beautiful Pelion. I had never heard of the place but I always trust locals, to me it is best way to travel and discover new places.

Pelion is located midway between Athens and Thessaloniki and the whole area is one the most picturesque in Greece. It combines the wild beauty of the green mountains with breathtaking views, amazing beaches with crystal clear water suitable for all tastes and great restauarants. The best part – the whole area is relatively unspoiled by tourism.


Pelion, according to Greek mythology, was the mythical country of the Centaurs and the summer residence of the 12 Gods of Olympus. It’s a not the easiest place to get to, which might be the reason for the lack of tourists. You’ll see mainly Greeks spending their summer vacation there. It takes about 4 hours to drive from Athens and I recommend renting a car so you can truly enjoy all the beautiful beaches and hidden gems in the mountains. We stayed in Agios Ioannis which has beautiful beaches, a cute little beach promenade and great restaurants – the seafood is unbeatable. Fun fact – apparently they filmed a lot of the scenes for Mamma Mia around Agios Ioannis as well as Skiathos which is a beautiful island (my favorite) only 1 hour away.

Not only did I have the chance to enjoy this stunning Greek landscape but also true Greek hospitality and fabulous food. And yes, I’ve been back, not only once but twice!

If you haven’t traveled yet this summer, or just need some inspiration for your next trip, I highly recommend this little paradise! I was almost hesitant writing about this place as want to keep it secret, but oh well. :)

TravelHanne Sagstuen