Designer Bags: How to spot a fake

Fake designer accessories are far more common than most people believe. If you are thinking about purchasing a designer bag, then here are some things you should keep mind to protect yourself and your wallet.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fake designer bag are often sold at great discount prices compared to the original. Internet has become a heaven for fake designer accessories. Therefor I would advise you to buy your bag in a trusted store and/or the respected designer boutique.

Does the style exist? This may sound like a no brain-er but some people are not aware. Not all bags from a particular designer are made every year or every season. If they are made every season, often the colours are different and there might be different embellishments or details added. Make sure the style, shape of the bag you’re thinking of purchasing was actually made by the designer.

Pay attention to the details. If it’s a leather bag, note the quality and thickness of the leather. Examine the colour or dye job, if the colour is uneven or splotchy, it’s probably not authentic.

Check the construction and stitching, most high-quality designer bags are stitched by hand. Make sure the stitching is evenly spaced all the way around. Often the same number of stitches are found in all bags of the same make and model.

Check the labels. Most designer bag have labels with the brand name, dates and/or serial numbers stamped or stitched on interior labels. In particular, for Louis Vuitton bags, date stamps are usually found inside, sometime inside a pocket. If you find a label make sure the designer name is spelled correctly and correct the font selection and size is used. Sometimes you can spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag just by the shape of the “O”s (they’re round not oval).

Check the logos. If the bag you have your eye on has logos all over the exterior, pay special attention to the placement. On fake bags, the logos are misaligned, not the right colour or even the same letters. Usually logos are placed just so that they are not cut off or crooked. The easiest example is the highly replicated, Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas bags. If you own a real Louis Vuitton bag, you’ll know the LV logo and pattern is symmetrical and continuous throughout the bag.

Check the accessories and documentation. When you buy an authentic bag, it usually comes with cards or certificates of authenticity. Keep in mind that these can also be faked but it will be easier to tell if the card or certificate is a copy. Most designer bags now come with dust bags, these can also be faked so apply the same caution as you would with the bag.

The most important thing you can do to avoid fake designer accessories is to ask questions. An honest seller would not mind telling you where he gets his discounts or who he is associated with. Sellers who avoid your questions may have something to hide.

Hope this was helpful! Do you own a designer bag or are you planning on buying one? If so, which one? :)

Style, LifestyleHanne Sagstuen